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Prevention Strategies & Therapy for Operational Stress Injuries

If you are having concerns or struggling with mental, emotional,

Interpersonal, substance misuse, or related issues, please call for an appointment.

(If you are in crisis go to the closest Hospital Emergency Department or Call 911)

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A message from Trevor Hosier BA, MSc, RP  (Registered Psychotherapist)

On behalf of myself and my family thank you for your service to our country and community.  The work you do is most important, meaningful, and make no mistake, it’s valued by all decent, law abiding, and grateful citizens. Your occupation isn’t easy, few if anyone comes to tell you their having a good day. Emergencies, crisis situations, violent encounters, fire, life or death situations, human casualties, and having to respond to all types of critical incidents is or has been your calling.  If still on the job, add to this the likelihood of alternating shifts, sometimes dealing with lack of respect from the people you serve, demands of home life, sleep issues, and other day to day pressures… it’s not at all surprising that some of our hero’s experience periods of emotional turmoil or distress. This is not a failing, defect of character, indication of weakness, or anything of the like. It’s understandable, even predictable. It’s a health issue that unfortunately can sometimes accompany the type of mentally demanding work you do. The answer is clear as with any health problem, please, reach out and accept help. We are here to support you and assist you. Let’s talk… our services are private & confidential.

My best, Trevor

 “I am a proud member of The Royal Canadian Legion and RCAF Association”

We offer Psychotherapy, Supportive Counselling, Skill training, and Consultation for

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Acute Stress / Trauma
  • Depression, Grief, and guilt
  • Alcohol or other drug misuse
  • Anger and conflict management
  • Relationship counselling
  • Communication & Life Skills
  • Confidence & Self-esteem building
  • Relaxation skills & Meditation Training
  • Transitional support & Family adjustment

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