Applied Warrior Psychology


Regent Health Services – Private Training & Education Seminar’s

Applied Warrior Psychology:  Operational Stress Readiness & Management

(2.5 Hour Training  –  Includes Certificate)

“Essential Principles, Practices, Skills to Mentally Cope with and Endure exposure
to Stressful Events, Emergencies, Critical Incidents, Violent Encounters”

Mental health injuries are all too often due to lack of knowledge, preparedness, and skills for confronting,
processing, and mentally / emotionally coping with highly stressful events, crisis, or critical incidents.
Many such injuries can be prevented. Be ready with this practical pre-incident
basic training and education seminar focusing on developing proper mindset,
mental toughness, effective stress management skill’s, and resilience.

Target participants – Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Security, Military

as well as interested persons pursuing related personal development and skills.

2.5 Hour “Private” Training & Education Seminar plus Certificate of completion

Options – One on one training $250.00 / Two participants $225.00 each

*Flexible scheduling / To arrange an appointment Call (705)340-5558 Regent Health Services

Relationship Essentials:  Marriage Preparation  (2 Hour Training)

“Statistics indicate that close to one out of every two marriages today end in divorce.
This disappointing and disturbing statistic needs to change. Marriage can and should be a
positive and rewarding experience that lasts a lifetime. You can help to ensure your plans
for the future are successful and satisfying with this “private” 2hr seminar for couples”

Topics: You will learn what tends to work and not work in most relationships. We will
discuss common problems between couples and how to avoid them. Communication,
conflict resolution, anger and stress management principles and skills will be addressed.
Ways to juggle work demands and family responsibilities plus more will be covered.
2hr Private Training Seminar – $225.00  /  Call (705)340-5558 Regent Health Services

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